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Connecting the country. One step at a time.

Built by the next generation.

Nebula is built by a team of Business Professionals, Telecom Experts, Rising Students, and You.

We’re Nebula Wireless, an MVNO HQ’d in the heart of Seattle, Washington. We pride ourselves on developing a feasible alternative for your wireless needs, while also saving you money. Take a look around and don’t be shy.

Target Audience
  • Millennials
  • Gen Z
  • College Students
  • White/Blue Collar
  • Families
  • Educators
  • First Responders and Military
  • Perk+ Discount Program
  • 100% American Customer Support
  • ASTRO Ai
  • Premium offerings
  • Marketing Design and Perception
Notable Awards
  • Fully Funded on Indiegogo within 24 Hours
  • Exceeded fundraising goal by 4X
Featured On
  • BestMVNO
  • Wave7 Research
Main Competitors
  • Boost Mobile
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Total by Verizon
  • Republic Wireless by Dish
  • Cricket Wireless

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Meet The Team

Nebula is built and run by a team of Entrepreneurs, Experts, and regular people just like you! Click on a team member to learn more about them!

CEO, Founder

Nathan Aymer


I’m working on a Bio right now! Come back soon!

COO, Minority Owner

Chance Johnson


I’m working on a Bio right now! Come back soon!

Research & Development Intern

Evan Dong

He / Him

I got into the telecom industry a few years back when I was tasked by my parents to find a cell phone plan that fitted the entire family but wasn’t extremely expensive (I was the “tech” guy of the family, and had a great sense with money and numbers). During my research, I discovered Stetson Doggett’s YouTube channel, where he used intuitive visions and simple explanations to “water down” the different plans from all the different providers, and through this, I ended up becoming intrigued by the telecom field. and it has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride ever since.

I met Nathan, the CEO of Nebula, in March of 2021, when US Mobile dropped their $25 “Unlimited All” plan, taking the entire MVNO sector by storm. People were forming these fake “family groups” in order to get that multi-line discount, and I signed up to Nathan’s group from his post on Reddit. This fake “family group” slowly grew into a community of telecom geeks, tech nerds, and people who just wanted to save money on their cell service. Chance and Luke joined up with us in August of the same year, and a few months later, we launched our first plan under Famly Co LLC: Famly Unlimited Pro (rebranded to Famly Unlimited More later on). FUP/FUM was meant to revolutionize the industry, giving a fully unlimited plan (in North America) at a fraction of the price from the big guys. The response was unprecedented, our beta slots were filled at the night of launch, and the requests were still coming in.

Now, just under one year later, the same minds who created FUM are presenting ourselves as Nebula Wireless, where we believe quality can coexist with affordability. I am truly honored to be a part of this revolutionizing team.

Customer Success Lead

Matthias Langley

He / Him

I’m working on a Bio right now! Come back soon!

Career Opportunities

Show off your talent! Here is the list of open positions that we have available at Nebula Wireless!

Sales Representative (Commission)
Discord Moderator
Virtual Assistant

Nebula Wireless

7901 4th Street North , STE 7979

St.Petersburg, FL 33702

We are Nebula Wireless.

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