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You deserve recognition.

Nurses, Military Personnel, Firefighters, Law Enforcement protect and serve our nation. Join Nebula Wireless and save up to 10% on any premium phone plan OR claim an exclusive perk from Perk+.

How to claim.

Step One

Join Nebula and activate a premium plan.

Step Two

Email We will need your Name, Phone Number, And Chosen Perk/Discount. We will ask for proof of eligibility.

Step Three

You will receive an email confirmation once the information is validated! A credit will be issued on the next billing cycle!

Stay safe with Roadside Assistance

Verify your eligibility and get:

  • Free Jump Starts, Tow, and More (Location Dependent)
  • Get travel discounts and insurance (Waived Young Driver Fee)
  • Access exclusive resources and events
  • And More!