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Your Nebula Wireless sim has arrived!

Lets get you set up!

Step 1

Log into your dashboard

You created an account when you purchased a plan. Forgot your password? Click “Forgot Password” to recover your account.

Step 2

Scroll down to “Activate SIM”

When your order ships, your account is assigned a SIM Card number!

Step 3

Activate Your Sim!

If you chose not to transfer a number, you’ll receive your new number. If you did opt to transfer, the process to port from your previous carrier will begin!

Blast Off! 🚀

You're now connected to the largest 5G network in the Nation!

  • Unlimited Data*
  • Free Flexible Mobile Hotspot
  • Knowledgable and dedicated customer support
  • Free streaming services (like Netflix) on select plans
  • Free Mexico and Canada Long Distance on select plans
  • and more!

Frequently asked questions

When does my Nebula Wireless service start?

Your Nebula service starts from the time that you activate your plan. Nebula Wireless SIM cards and eSIMS can be activated up to 45 days after you receive your SIM.

Should I cancel my existing services before porting to Nebula?

Negative. Your communications device must remain in active use with its initial transmission operator, otherwise it could cause a rip in the fabric of space-time, resulting in all beings unexpectedly traversing through time with retro platform footwear and metallic jumpsuits.


Help! My port has failed!

Don’t worry! Your phone number is protected. We received a response from your old service provider that the information you provided was incorrect. You can try the transfer again with the correct information or reach out to a Nebula customer support representative for additional help.

I forgot to port in my number, is it too late?

If you forget to transfer your number during the activation process, no worries. Just contact a Nebula Care representative and they’ll be able to assist you to get that number transferred to Nebula.

How long does a port take?

Most transfers complete in a few hours, but if your information is submitted incorrectly, your phone number could take up to 48 hours to complete and landlines can take up to 5 business days. If you have any questions regarding your transfer , contact us via our chat system!